SOLO STOVE CAMPFIRE / solo stove campfire


SOLO STOVE CAMPFIRE / solo stove campfire

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SOLO STOVE CAMPFIRE / solo stove campfire


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The Solo Stove Campfire is a large family size that can be used for cooking that requires more heat. About 950ml of water can be boiled in 2-4 minutes.
It is made in a size that is easy to combine with the separately sold 2-pot set .

The double wall makes it highly efficient to burn, so you can easily burn even natural materials such as twigs without using gas.

Ordinary nature stoves and bonfires ignite by heating fuel such as twigs and firewood at high temperatures, and smoke containing combustible gas is generated at that time, but solo stoves burn by secondary combustion. It also burns the remaining smoke.
Since there is little smoke, there is little odor that sticks to clothes, and the fuel can be burned to ash without leaving charcoal, which has a large impact on the environment.

It has high combustion efficiency and anyone can easily start a fire, and the unique one-piece structure made of light and durable high-quality stainless steel combines reliable strength and beauty.

Contents body, trivet, storage bag, Japanese manual
・Height: Approximately 17cm (at the time of storing), approximately 23.5cm (at the time of use)
・Diameter (width): Approximately 17.8cm
Weight about 998g
Material Stainless steel (SUS304), Nichrome wire
Country of origin China

*Because it is an imported product, there are some scratches and dents on the main unit. In addition, minor fraying of the storage bag is treated as a non-defective item. Please note.