portable chair "OTTMAN" 
portable chair "OTTMAN" 
portable chair "OTTMAN" 
portable chair "OTTMAN" 
portable chair "OTTMAN" 


portable chair "OTTMAN" 

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portable chair "OTTMAN" 



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The new standard of portable chairs

A portable chair that combines portability and durability

Good size and height

It was named "OTTOMAN" because it is the best shape to rest your feet.

[Feature 1] 2WAY specification rich in mediocreness

As a portable chair that even children can carry.

If you use it as an ottoman at the foot of the chair, it will be very active as a reclining chair in no time.

[Feature 2] Excellent portability and durability

Its portability that you wouldn't expect from a chair

At only 990g, you can easily carry it with one hand.

In addition, the load-bearing capacity is up to 80Kg thanks to the steel frame structure that is suitable for loads.

*It is a test value with static load. Unbalanced load or if you sit too hard, it may be damaged.

[Feature 3] Double lining of extra-thick cotton canvas with excellent durability

Because of its durability, cotton canvas is used for gymnastics mats, baseball bases, and sumo mawashi. A versatile fabric that is both highly breathable and waterproof.

Concos. has achieved firm tension and resilience by double-plying the most durable cotton canvas, equivalent to No. 6.

[Feature 4] Paraffin processing that enables overwhelming waterproofness

By applying waxing (paraffin processing) to cotton canvas, it achieves overwhelming waterproofness and water repellency. Even if you accidentally spill a drink or food, you can remove the dirt simply by wiping it off.


Product name: Portable chair "OTTOMAN"

Material: cotton canvas, iron

Weight: 990g

Deployment size: 35cm x 29cm x 25cm

Storage size: 35cm x 29cm x 4cm

Load capacity: 80Kg