Stray blaster 2 connected
Stray blaster 2 connected
Stray blaster 2 connected
Stray blaster 2 connected


Stray blaster 2 connected

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Stray blaster 2 connected


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At first glance, it may look like nothing more than a musical instrument, but it doesn't make any sound when you blow it. This is a fire-breathing stick, a "fire blaster". All materials are brass. When it's brand new, it's shiny as you can see in the picture, but it gradually becomes dull as you use it, and a really nice taste comes out. By the time the soot from the bonfire and the patina of the brass build up to a grimy appearance, it should be your one-of-a-kind companion you can't let go of. * Since it is a two-part type, it can be shortened and carried compactly. Rather, all the parts can be disassembled separately, making it easier to clean and maintain the inside. [Details of each part] Length: Approx. 61 cm (when connected) Approx. 33 cm (when split) Weight: Approx. 380 g Material: Brass