coffee grinder C2


coffee grinder C2

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coffee grinder C2


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Extremely excellent coffee mill, "TIMEMORE coffee grinder C2" landed in Japan!
Design, portability, sawing quality, labor-saving performance...
A very high level hand grinder in every respect.

The "gray-black" surface is diamond-patterned for an easy-to-grip design.
The approximately 430g body is lightweight, yet has just the right amount of weight and a sense of luxury.
The C2 is a masterpiece that makes you feel the joy of owning it.

It is ideal not only for home use, but also for carrying outdoors and traveling.

<Grinding Quality>
It can be adjusted in about 36 steps. You can easily grind to your desired coarseness from fine to coarse grinding with the adjustment nut.
55-58 HRC hardness milling edge with 5-axis CNC machining achieves uniform grinding with almost no overcoarse grains.
At the same time, the generation of fine powder is also minimized.
Extremely high-quality grind extracts the characteristics of coffee beans in a well-balanced manner without leaving anything behind. It will make you enjoy the clear taste.

<Labor saving performance>
With built-in bearings, the handle continues to rotate for a while even if you release your hand, realizing smooth movement.
Furthermore, the compact body with a diameter of 52 mm is easy to grip even for those with small hands.
The diamond-patterned surface also enhances grip, allowing for effortless grinding with very little force.

Product Details
・Size: 147×52mm
・Capacity: Roasted beans: about 20g
・Weight: about 430g
・Materials: Aluminum, stainless steel, polycarbonate
・Accessories: Cleaning brush, fabric carry case, Japanese instruction manual (and warranty card)
・Country of manufacture: China