Next-generation LED light "BFF"
Next-generation LED light "BFF"
Next-generation LED light "BFF"
Next-generation LED light "BFF"
Next-generation LED light "BFF"
Next-generation LED light "BFF"
Next-generation LED light "BFF"


Next-generation LED light "BFF"

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Next-generation LED light "BFF"


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The battery is equipped with a 4,000mAh lithium iron phosphate battery (LiFePO4) for the first time in the industry!

The overwhelming difference from other companies is that the main battery is equipped with a lithium iron phosphate battery .
Compared to lithium-ion batteries, it is much safer (no risk of fire) and has a self-discharge rate of about 1%/month. In addition, the battery life is very long, and the number of times the battery can be repeatedly charged and discharged, called the cycle life, is about 2,000 to 2,500 times compared to about 500 times for lithium-ion batteries.

Japan's No. 1 specification that overwhelms other companies!

We designed the LED light "BFF" from scratch in-house, equipped with specifications that overwhelmed other companies, and created a next-generation LED light that had never existed before. In a compact body that fits in one hand, it is equipped with a warm color light that is gentle but has a sufficient amount of light, an amber color (orange) that does not require optional items, and a flashlight function that is convenient for walking at night. It is also an excellent mobile battery that charges mobile phones. I make an outstanding performance for outdoor, disaster prevention.

Equipped with mobile battery function.
If you have a dedicated charging cable, you can also charge smartphones.
It takes about 1 to 1.5 hours to fully charge at the USB Type-C (USB-C) port. You can charge your smartphone about 1.5 times.

Also, from this time on the bottom of the main unit, a screw hole U1/4 inch screw that can attach a tripod ,
Furthermore, magnets are standard equipment, so there is no need to buy additional third-party products.

The lighting mode by the LED light,
The daylight color upper light (flashlight) has three patterns: (1) fixed light, (2) flash light, and (3) SOS light.
The lower lantern can be used for a total of 10 patterns, including 4 light bulb colors (strong/medium/weak), 5 amber (orange) colors (strong/medium/weak), and 6 light bulb colors and 7 amber colors simultaneously.

The operation is to turn on the main power button by "long pressing", switch the mode every time you press the button "once", and turn off the light by "long pressing". Even children can easily handle it once they get used to it.


Body: W4.6cm x D4.6cm x H10.5cm
<Upper LED light>
Daylight color (maximum 160 lumens) 3-pattern fixed flash / flash light / SOS light

<Lower LED Lantern>
Light bulb color (strong/medium/weak) 3 levels Amber (orange) color (strong/medium/weak) 3 levels Light bulb color and amber (orange) light simultaneously
Lithium iron phosphate battery (LiFePO4)
battery capacity
Charging electronic devices
About 1 to 1.5 times each for android smartphones, iPhones, etc. (depending on the device used)
Charging time Full charge Approximately 1 to 1.5 hours (only theoretical value)
OUTPUT 5V/3A 9V/2A 12V/1.5A
Charging time of this product
Charging time Full charge Approximately 1.5 to 2 hours (approximate time)
INPUT 5V/3A 9V/2A 12V/1.5A
Lighting time
Top light (fixed flash) 25 hours Bottom light (when lit simultaneously) 24 hours Light bulb color (weak) 55 hours (approximate time)
Waterproof performance
IPX6 (when wearing the type-C port cap)
* Although it is IPX6, it does not guarantee complete waterproofing, so depending on how it is used, water may enter the interior.
・Box for exclusive use of the main unit ・Main unit x 1 ・Cable for charging the main unit: type-A ⇒ type-C included x 1 (approx.
・Simple instruction manual (Detailed instruction manual can be obtained from the QR given)