Fire side table


Fire side table

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Fire side table


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A hybrid of a stylish camping table and a firewood bag!

Introducing a compact fire side table and log carrier from the brand "Hang Out" that offers slow and high quality outdoor style.

The fireside table is a small size table that can be used for many purposes. Comes with an adjustable length belt that can be used to tie the disassembled frame and top plate together to make them thin. This item is designed to be used as a side table for outdoor bonfire scenes, but it is not bulky and easy to carry, so it can be used as a space for small items such as small items and drinks during fishing, solo camping, picnics in the park, etc. They will do it for you.

The black steel frame gives an elegant impression, and the appearance is stylish and luxurious. With a chic and classic impression, it will naturally blend in with indoor decor as well as outdoors. Easy to assemble and can be done quickly without tools. There is no rattling that is common with assembled tables, and it is solidly made and has a sense of stability.

Another item is a log carry that can be carried by wrapping multiple firewoods. It is made of thick and durable canvas, and the back side that hits the firewood is made of tarpaulin, which is used in construction sites and temporary tents, so it is sturdy enough not to collapse even with hangnails or sharp-shaped firewood. The point that is glad that it is easy to remove dirts. In addition, the canvas on the surface will change over time as you use it, and it will become familiar with your own unique texture. The combination with the easy-to-grip, natural wood handle also creates a classic atmosphere.

The log carrier wrapped in firewood can be hung on the fire side table and used as a side table that can store firewood. The structure prevents firewood from directly touching the ground and prevents moisture. You can store firewood for your tent or indoor stove without dropping wood chips. Instead of firewood, it is also recommended to store magazines and blankets and use them as interior decoration.