Regulator Stove FUSION ST-330


Regulator Stove FUSION ST-330

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Regulator Stove FUSION ST-330


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Separate stove with micro-regulator
Unaffected by pressure drops in the cylinder during continuous use or at low temperatures, it exhibits stable heating power.
Excellent wind resistance is achieved with a full flame mouth type crater and a mortar-shaped burner head.
Can be stored compactly.
Fuel is economical cassette gas.
*Cylinders are sold separately.
made in Japan

-External dimensions width 350 x depth 120 x height 90 mm (when used, body only)
Width 150 x Depth 75 x Height 90 mm (when stored)

- Gotoku diameter 165mm

●Weight 250g

● Calorific value 2.6 kW (2,200 kcal/h)*1

●Usage time about 1.5 hours (when using one ST-760) *2

●Using container Shinfuji burner, special container for SOTO products (cylinder)

●Ignition method Piezoelectric ignition method

*1 Calculated from combustion data for 5 minutes after ignition at a temperature of 25°C in windless conditions.

*2 Calculated from combustion data for 30 minutes after ignition at a temperature of 25°C and no wind. For outdoor use only.