Handling of ironshop (iron plate)

This time, handling of handmade iron plate "FISH PAN" of "iron shop" has been realized!
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This is the feeling of YURAGI OUTDOOR!

This time, handling of handmade iron plate "FISH PAN" of "iron shop" has been realized!

What is an iron shop? (Partially quoted from HP)

Camping gear born from the combination of "I wish I had it" and "Because it's a waste" that is discarded in large quantities.

Depending on the product, since it is made from offcuts and waste materials that are available at that time, the number of production is limited, and partial model changes may be made.

Building materials that were supposed to be thrown away can become tools that can be used for a long time depending on the ingenuity. Please use it regularly, including the story behind it.

All Iron Shop products are handcrafted by welders.
Please enjoy the subtle differences in expression one by one as it ages.


A gem that is not the same as one, cool...

With the recent solo camping boom, gear for "one person" is being released one after another, but many people may not know what to choose among the many iron plates.

"YURAGI OUTDOOR" is definitely worth buying! We will carefully select and deliver such gear.

Let's get to the charm!

"FISH PAN" is a masterpiece by the all-handmade camping gear brand "iron shop", which was produced by a skilled welding craftsman by hand-hammering a 3mm-thick iron plate.

A special finish with fine unevenness makes it easy to blend with oil and a non-stick iron plate.

It can be used not only for bonfires, but also for gas fires.

If you take good care of it, you can use it as a frying pan for a lifetime .

Raising only one companion rather than a completed one, isn't this the best part of camping gear that lasts a lifetime?

Its sophisticated ruggedness satisfies the desire to own.

(requires seasoning before use)

iron shops

The heavy feeling, the texture of the surface, and the impression when you actually pick it up are wonderful.

Why don't you take this opportunity to raise your partner ☺️
It seems to be fun to grow with the leather case sold separately.

FISHPAN [leather case]

FISHPAN [leather case]

It will be a small amount of stock, so please consider it as soon as possible!

I will introduce it later, but there are still more attractive products!

As soon as the handling is decided, we will inform you on the blog and SNS again!

You who read this far!

Really, thank you for reading to the end!

PS: You can now comment on the blog! Please feel free to write your comments, requests, questions, etc.

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