We have opened an EC shop!

February 1, 2022. The EC shop has finally opened!


This is the feeling of YURAGI OUTDOOR!

February 2022.

The EC shop has finally opened!

At our store, we will develop an assortment of products centered on garage brands, which are rarely seen at mass retailers and certain major mail order sites.

We are a shop that starts small, but we would like to thank everyone who is visiting us.

We are planning to open a real store in Osaka Prefecture this year.

We will aim to create a stimulating and healing space for all campers, so thank you for your support.

It's true that we have a good selection of genuine items at the moment, but we plan to add even more selected gear from time to time.

We will also post on SNS etc. at any time!

Gears needed for "Bonfire"

A bonfire stand, a chair, and a table to put on the side. Lanterns, axes, firewood, etc.

YURAGI OUTDOOR will help you create the best bonfire environment.

Thank you for your continued support.

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