Handling of YODOGAWA GARAGE (table)

This time, I would like to talk about "YODOGAWA GARAGE", which produces octagon plates that are ideal for high-quality bonfire side tables.

Hello everyone!

My name is Kanji from YURAGI OUTDOOR.

This time, I would like to talk about "YODOGAWA GARAGE", which produces octagon plates that are ideal for high-quality bonfire side tables.

After seeing it on Instagram, it was a gear that I definitely wanted to carry. ,,

Thank you

First, imagine.

And look! ! See the image below! !


Courtesy of @boy_named_go

See this table next to a chair in front of a bonfire. . .

By attaching it to your tripod, you have completed a table that can be moved up and down freely.

It is also good to put your favorite coffee gear,

It can be used as a simple cooking table,

It's also good to put the beer you always drink,

It's also good to put a cool lantern,

There is no doubt that it will be a "good space" even if you just imagine it lightly. .

The material uses high-grade precious wood that is also used for furniture,

Coloring is also done with natural materials.

Not only is it a solid coating, but it also supports outdoor specifications.

Anyway, the quality is high.

When you actually pick it up,


You can tell just by looking at it, but I can't help but stare at it for a long time because of its soft touch and the quality of the metal fittings.

(I've been watching too)

Also, the product introduction and explanation of the charm of the creator himself sounded very good, so I will quote it.


Luxuriously using high-quality precious wood that is also used for furniture,
A tripod table that allows you to enjoy the beauty of natural materials.

The colorful shades are composed only of the natural colors of the materials,
Since it will be unique to the work,
This is a one-off work, no two are the same .
(No artificial coloring is used.)

For safe use outdoors,
Urethane clear coating (Food Sanitation Act compliant) is applied to the surface,
It has protective performance and water resistance with a hard coating.

Comes with metal fittings that fit 1/4 size screws on the back of the plate.
Please attach it to your tripod.
(If you remove the adapter in the center of the bracket, it will also fit 3/8 size)

"Octagon" means octagon.
"Eight" is considered to be the number of good luck and has been loved since ancient times.
Please use it for outdoor life as a lucky charm gear.

Since it was originally a popular item, we have already received multiple orders! thank you!

This is also a small-lot production made by craftsmen, so please consider it as soon as possible☺

The single color model (walnut) and Ortega two-color model (walnut x oak) are already sold out.

Currently, we have a single color model (teak), Ortega two-color model (teak x oak), Ortega OSB model and special specifications in stock.


Single color model (cheek)

Octagon plate Ortega precious wood two-color model

Ortega two-color model (teak x oak)

Octagon plate Ortega OSB model/special specification Ortega OSB model, special specification

*To reiterate, this table is a product that can be used as a table by combining it with a tripod that is generally used for cameras.

We are currently considering handling 3 legs that make this plate even more beautiful, so we will let you know when it arrives!

Until the end Thank you for reading!

The gear we are currently introducing is also very good, but we are constantly communicating with the manufacturer to receive new gear, including the tripod!

We will be posting on SNS and this blog from time to time, so please check it out~☺

PS : The other day, I experienced a tent sauna for the first time. The temperature was about 9 degrees Celsius in the daytime, but it was such a pleasant experience that I started to fantasize about holding an event at the store someday.・・・(^^)

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