Thank you to the manufacturers who cooperate with us

This time, it's a story about the purchase.

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This is the feeling of YURAGI OUTDOOR.

This time, it's a story about the purchase.


"A third place for campers by campers"

In order to realize this, we are preparing to open the EC site in front of the actual store.

I want to create a place where campers can connect ☺

I'll do my best~

The main subject here.

Creating an EC site is a matter of course, but in order to open a business, you have to make purchases .

What's more, we are thinking of providing niche and high-quality gear that is hard to find at mass retailers and major mail-order sites. There are many.

In addition, we expected that it would be difficult for us to smoothly purchase products because we do not have a store yet and are trying to start with only an EC site without a track record.

(There is no sales record, and it seems that retail stores that operate only online shops with unstable prices due to point grants, campaigns, price reductions, etc., do not sell wholesale.)

*We will sell at regular price and reasonable price.

In the midst of this, we have been approaching manufacturers who are steadily providing good gear, and many of them have generously accepted our purchases, so we are currently proceeding with the discussion. I'm here.

(thank you very much!!)

However, due to our lack of ability, there were some manufacturers who could not proceed with the actual purchase, and we were keenly aware of the severity of the reality, but we will do our best to handle them in the future!

For that reason, we will continue to work hard to give back to the manufacturers who have cooperated with us, who are still unknown and have no track record, and to provide campers with really good products. I think!

I study every day so that you can feel the best "fluctuation" at the bonfire.

We will continue to update the EC site and the blog for the opening of the actual store, so please continue to support us ☺


It's easy, but thank you for reading to the end ☺


We have decided to purchase one EC shop that handles bonfire gear!
First of all, it's only one product, but it's a big step to conclude a business negotiation with an individual!

Along with the release of the site, we will also introduce the products ~
And eventually a real store! Let's do our best~🤲

— Bakuzeru-kun @CAMP shop opening (@hazeru02_camp) November 16, 2021


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