I quit my company!

Hello, I'm Kanji! I finally offered to resign from the company to become a bonfire tool shop.

Hello, I'm Kanji!

On October 29th, I finally submitted my resignation to the company to become a bonfire tool shop.

From now on, the training period for store opening will begin!

My partner, Kenji, retired in August, and has already been working on acquiring the domain for the site, arranging the server, and creating the layout of the website.

And eventually a real store in Osaka! I want to make it happen in 2022.

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Today, I have informed you of my intention to retire!
I was held back a lot, but I didn't change my mind

From now on, we will start running further towards the opening of the camp shop ☺️
Entering the training period! I'll do it steadily~ #I want to connect with people who like campingpic.twitter.com/0Evp4sCFCg


— Bakuzeru-kun @CAMP shop opening (@hazeru02_camp) October 29, 2021

I think that I will repeat it many times in the future, but what we are aiming for is

"A third place for campers, by campers"


Due to the spread of the new coronavirus, contactless and online technology is progressing, but there is less interaction with people.

I want to go camping but it's raining and what should I do?

I wonder if I'll get my hands on a garage brand soon...

I want to share my camp story with someone...

I want to start camping, but there is too much information and I don't know where to start...


We will create a camper's third place where you can easily share the fun of camping and get new information!

We are a small shop, but we will do our best, so please support us!

Thank you for watching until the end.

We will continue to update the progress of the opening and the introduction of products, so please continue to support us ☺

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