When opening an EC site

This time, I would like to write about the EC shop that will open this month and the history of its opening .


This is the feeling of YURAGI OUTDOOR.

This time, I would like to write about the EC shop that will open this month and the history of its opening .

This "YURAGI OUTDOOR" is a select outdoor shop that sells bonfire-related gear, run by a pair of 27-year-old camping enthusiasts.

I especially love the " fluctuation of the bonfire " in the camp, and it has finally led to the opening of the shop.

Also, I've been wanting to do something for myself for a while! That's what I thought, and while we were discussing it, the policy was decided. (took years)


Specifically, the image is like a small coffee shop on a street corner that is always bustling with customers. A small community is formed around the store. Let's make it happen through our favorite camp!

It became

And the final point of this shop is " real camper community space ".

In this day and age where online communication is advancing, isn't there a lot of people who miss connecting with people? We will create a “gathering place” where you can feel free to drop by through your favorite outdoors.

You can spend time like chatting around a bonfire with coffee in one hand.

I would like to make a store like that.

As the first step, the EC site will start first .

Contrary to the declining population, the Internet population and EC market size are increasing, and it is still indispensable. In fact, I feel that it is essential to deliver discerning gear to distant customers who do not have a shop nearby.

As a concept , it is an EC site that delivers gear that you don't usually see in shops , and we intend to stick to it even when it becomes a physical store.

I would like to have as many gears as possible that are not available on sites such as certain mazon, certain raku, and mass retailers, and make the store exciting just by coming!

The current opening schedule is

EC site will open in February 2022

The actual store will open in June 2022 (scheduled for Izumi City, Osaka Prefecture)

It is.

In the future, I plan to write about the gear I am currently purchasing, the progress of the opening, and other thoughts.

Thank you for reading to the end ☺

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