THE DAY (組立式焚火台「七宝」「ORTEGA」)のお取り扱いについて

About the handling of THE DAY

This time, we would like to introduce "THE DAY" assembly type bonfire stand "Cloisonne" "ORTEGA" !

thx! Hello!

This is the feeling of YURAGI OUTDOOR~

We are introducing products one after another.

This time, we would like to introduce "THE DAY" assembly type bonfire stand "Cloisonne" "ORTEGA" !


This is "Seven Treasures"


This is "ORTEGA"

You look good

First of all, what kind of brand is it? .

Thank you for visiting THE D△Y store. Our brand is based on the concept of helping you spend precious time with your family, friends, and colleagues through our products.

“The best day, the best memory”

THE D△Y is promoting manufacturing with such thoughts in mind.

I tend to have bonfires with my friends more often than solo, but I want to share a good space of relaxing camping while surrounding the bonfire.

Such a space becomes a better space with this bonfire stand.

THE DAY Cloisonne

I can sympathize very much, I like it ☺

The great thing about this bonfire is that it can be folded !

I think that everyone who loves bonfires can understand, but a large bonfire stand is

・Easy to place firewood

・It is warm because the flame is large.

・There is a solid feeling and presence

・It looks good no matter what

However, as a disadvantage, there are many things that are "bulky" , so we have solved that point!


Recommended for those who are car campers and have a compact bonfire!

This "YURAGI OUTDOOR" centered around rare gear that you don't often see, and this time we have a small amount of products in stock!

Please consider it☺

~ Excerpt from the product description ~

Specializing in appearance, it looks more beautiful when burning.

By using iron, it has excellent heat resistance and durability, and although it is heavy, it can be stored thinly and compactly, so it does not get in the way even in the car.

Also, no tools are required for assembly, so you don't need to purchase anything else.

Although a storage case is not included, it can be used as a storage box by adopting a 5mm reinforced core material for the cardboard material used for shipping.

*The trivet sold separately is also shown in some of the images.

*The back of some parts has been deburred to prevent injury and has a mirror-like finish. Please see the last image.

set content

・Six side plates
・One piece of bottom plate (bottom plate)
・1 rostle (ash floor)
・Three bolts for rostle + 6 nuts
*The trivet is sold separately.


When assembled: about 38cm x 32cm x 35cm (length x width x height)
When stored: Approximately 42 cm x 37 cm x 3 cm (length x width x height)
*The length when assembled is the dimension of the hexagonal vertices.
Weight: about 8kg

Thank you for reading this time to the end!

We will be posting on SNS and this blog from time to time, so please check it out~☺

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