TONARI DESIGNのお取り扱い開始について

About the handling start of TONARI DESIGN

This time, we would like to introduce "TONARI DESIGN", which makes handmade lantern shades that are perfect for the popular LED lantern "Goal Zero".

Long time no see!


This is the feeling of YURAGI OUTDOOR.



This time, we would like to introduce "TONARI DESIGN", which makes handmade lantern shades that are perfect for the popular LED lantern "Goal Zero".


The Lantern Shade Warring States period.


Various related products are on sale.


I've seen a lot of gear, but I never thought there was a "paper" shade!

And what a cool design!

I want it first! I was able to talk to you.

What kind of brand is it?




~Self-introduction quoted from HP~

A graphic designer based in Fukushima-ku, Osaka.
Develop cheap and rich products in your spare time.


that's all,,,

What an austere self-introduction. I kind of like it ☺


『Lamp Shelter』-3g-

Goal Zero, Ledlenser ml4, minimal light, E26 LED bulb, etc. If the size matches, how to use this product depends on your ideas.

And it is the wording of the product introduction that further accelerates the liking.

Here it is (as original)

『Lamp Shelter』-3g-

"Lamp Shelter" TLS-001 No Makeup - 3g -

The beauty of Tyvek that the texture of Japanese paper emerges when the lamp is lit.
For those who want to fully enjoy the beauty of products such as octagons, we do not dare to print patterns,
Simple and elegant appearance.

Honestly, I want to put a pattern on as a graphic designer!
I can't stop itching!
But no makeup is beautiful!
Hmmm,, I desperately decided to suppress the itching and send it out.

Please come and experience the beauty of Tyvek! ️

『Lamp Shelter』-3g-

"Lamp Shelter" TLS-004 Untitled - 3g -

"Untitled" with an impressive colorful color scheme

This will be a collage piece.
Please don't touch me ✋

Well, even though I named it like a work of art
I have a reason

In the habit of designers in the advertising industry
meaning of design
After assembling a solid logic

I often build designs,

"Tyvek Lamp Shelter" is my freedom

If possible, the meaning of the design
Like a work of art, with each customer's sensibility
I want to give you some room to think.

First of all, what is a collage?
somehow good ❤️
just about right

That's why I named it "Untitled".

About the meaning of this design
while arguing with colleagues
There's Bowmore and a bonfire
Isn't it ecchi?

Yes Yes,,,

This sentence is easy to understand without being formal, and you can feel the thoughts of the creator.


It makes me want something~!

The good point is that the price is reasonable.

Although it is made of paper, it is also durable due to waterproofing.

It's also a great size for folding and carrying around.

Recommended for those who are looking for a slightly different gear ☺

Click here to purchase products ☺

Of course, it will be exhibited at the grand opening of the actual store on Saturday, July 23rd!

Please take a look at it!


Next time I will write about the attached coffee stand in detail.

see you soon

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