GARELLA 'EKAHI WORKS(ガレラエカヒワークス)のお取り扱い開始について

About the handling start of GARELLA 'EKAHI WORKS

The long-awaited arrival! 'EKAHI Bonfire "SHINRABANSHO" by GARELLA 'EKAHI WORKS

This is the feeling of YURAGI OUTDOOR~

This time it is an introduction of a shockingly wonderful bonfire!

It is also a topical gear that achieved [241%] at that crowdfunding Makuake!

that is,,,





Have you ever seen a bonfire like this?

This special shape and perfection is a truly one-of-a-kind bonfire that has already been patented.

Galera Ekahi Works

・Size: The hexagonal base plate is large at about 58 cm, so you don't have to worry about the size of firewood sold at campsites and home centers.

Galera Ekahi Works

Galera Ekahi Works

Galera Ekahi Works

・Assembly and clearing: Super easy shape that can be assembled in 9 seconds and dismantled in 1 second! [Patent and design pending]
・ Storage: Only 1.28 cm even when the legs and base plate are stacked. It fits easily in the gaps of cars and closets.


・Design: The geometric pattern created by ICHI, a graphic designer active in Europe and Asia, is a watermark pattern in the sunlight during the day! At night, you can enjoy watching the flames from the geometric pattern ☆


・Strength: A highly durable bonfire stand that is hard to break even when people ride on it after many experiments!

It's a bonfire stand that can be used in many ways depending on the user!

Would you like to take this opportunity to have a bonfire stand that is sure to attract attention at the campsite?

Please see the product page for more details☺

In addition, our shop offers free shipping for purchases of 20,000 yen or more. Free shipping on this item as well!

Please consider this opportunity!

Thank you for reading this time to the end!

The fire is approaching until the opening of the summer fruit store.

Construction of the store interior is scheduled to begin in June.

We will continue to update the blog, so please check it out!

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