It's been 7 months since the outdoor shop opened☺

It's already been 7 months...



coffee stand

how many times do you repeat

While blogging, blogging, etc. is always in my head...

I couldn't write a blog today if I was doing this and that in the shop,,,

The days I sleep while thinking (write)

Even though I decided to write it in order to leave the trajectory of the shop . . .

I've decided now! Write 2 blogs a month! !

It's been half a year since we opened! I was about to give it a title, but it's almost eight months since I wrote it down...


By the way, it opened on July 23, 2022

Outdoor shop & coffee stand


The other day, when I was looking at the inventory of the store on my computer, it was five times as large as when it opened!

Certainly, the store (20 tsubo), which was empty at first, has now become difficult to place. .

BEFORE (there were only pictures during construction...)


Wow, a lot has happened in the last half year.

If you include the preparation period, it will be a story of two years ago, but after all there were various things.


Well, it's easy to understand, in a nutshell! !

I was so happy! !

・A first-time visitor told me that they felt comfortable!

・I was told that it was fun just to look at all the gears that I had never seen before!

・The number of regulars has increased! (Those who have visited the store more than once are considered regular customers.)

・He came to drink coffee at the end of work and camping!

・He told me that our coffee is the best!

・At least 10 coffee tickets are kept at the shop!

・Some people tell me to make original products!

・The passer-by came to the store again!

・I was told that I was glad I bought the gear!

The coffee ticket is sticking out of the corkboard now ☺

What was not good

・There were many shortages of gear that arrived in small quantities, and there were times when I couldn't buy it when I wanted to.

・When several groups visited the store, they left the store without being able to take care of themselves and guide them to the products.

・The standard camping gear is still small, and the information for those who are about to start camping is just a story.

・There was no signboard and visibility was poor, so there were few people passing by.


This is a reflection, a countermeasure, an improvement...


what did you do after that


・Lottery sales result announcement and first live broadcast!

・Outdoor event “Yuraten” where 50 groups gather!

・Roasting experience & outdoor iron plate demonstration sales & scone store pop-up event!

Greenwood Coffee's scones in Izumisano City are permanent!

・YODOGAWA GARAGE bespoke coffee scale plate on sale!

・Installation of signboards created by customers as volunteers!

・Event opening as a coffee shop!

・I took a little Instagram reel video!

・The number of YURAGI members has increased from 2 to 3 + 1!

On the upper left of the photo, a customer made a cool signboard!

Considering the time when I was an ordinary office worker in my twenties wearing a suit, I had many first experiences.

The two years since I started preparing were short before I knew it, but when I look back, it feels like a long time.

This will sell! The product I thought was not sold,

There are days when customers don't come at all...

It was full of study as a retail store!

There are still many problems to solve, and if you ask if this store will still exist in five years, there are elements of anxiety, so we have to work even harder, but...

All I can say is this!

I'm glad you opened the shop!

There are us who desperately select products, there are customers who support us,

There are people who give me advice, there are people who drink coffee...

It's really good to have the courage to open!

It will definitely become a better shop in the future, so please look forward to it!


And,,, the story of the future after hitting and changing,,,

Recently, it is said that the third outdoor boom, which has accelerated rapidly due to the spread of the new coronavirus, has calmed down.

What kind of people come to our store?

I think there are various reasons

・ People who have recently started camping and are collecting tools

・People who want to replace the tools they have

・People who just came to the shop to see the gear

・People who buy new gear after finding their own style

・ People who come to drink coffee

・ People who come to buy firewood, beer, and coffee beans for camping

・ People who come to enjoy interacting with campers who can meet when visiting the store and expanding connections at events

yes! ! ! This is in red!

YURAGIOUTDOOR wants to do this!

"A place where campers can connect with each other through our shop!"

I've been aiming for it since the beginning of the opening, but this is what I want to do the most.

If you have the same hobbies, share them and make more friends!

I also go camping and honestly this is the most fun!

I plan to do my best to create an environment where it can be done ☺

in particular,,,

・Regular camp-off party (about once a quarter)

・Limited limited coffee bar event held after weekend business

・ Regular holding of “Lantern Party” where lanterns are lit in the store

・Regular in-store pop-up events by garage brands

・Are you doing too much? A polite and friendly customer service that seems to be

YURAGI OUTDOOR aims to be a more comfortable place where campers can connect with each other.

I still have a lot to do!

It's going to come true because you can come to the customer (camper)! (thank you very much!)

We are a small shop, but we will do our best to make the outdoor industry more exciting!

Dear campers! Thank you for your continued support of YURAGIOUTDOOR! !


See you soon!

(I would be happy if you could comment ☺)


























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