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Pickup available, usually ready in 24 hours

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■ Feature 1: Reflector

The outer circumference of the tent is surrounded by a strip of reflectors.
It reflects the light so you don't lose sight of your tent in the dark or when pitching in close quarters.

■ Feature 2: Chimney hole

There is one chimney hole at the top of the tent side.
Please read the following precautions carefully before purchasing and using this product.

<Precautions when using a wood stove>

*Please be sure to read and purchase only those who agree.

*Handling fire in the tent is a very dangerous act. This product does not guarantee its safety.

* We are not responsible for any accidents, injuries, burns, fires, etc. caused by this product.
Please purchase only those who understand.

・Do not use the tent in conditions where external force is applied (snow, strong wind, heavy rain, etc.).
・Be sure to peg all fixing points and carefully check the surrounding conditions before use to ensure that there is no possibility of causing an accident.
・Check carefully that the chimney and the tent body are not touching.
・When using a wood-burning stove, always use a carbon monoxide detector and ventilate the area completely from time to time.
・Do not use charcoal as fuel.
・Before going to bed, extinguish the fire completely and check carefully for the possibility of re-burning.
・Although flame-retardant cloth has high heat resistance, it will deform and discolor with use.
・The fire-retardant fabric can be cut with scissors, so widen the hole according to the thickness of your chimney.
・Install a commercially available chimney protective cover in case of an emergency.
・Fix the chimney firmly so that it does not wobble.
・Please use a camping or portable small wood stove with a chimney diameter of φ10 cm or less. Do not use a domestic wood stove.
・Fire sparks may appear even if adequate measures are taken. If you fall into the tent, a hole will open. Please be careful if you are concerned about even a little damage.
Dimensions inside the tent and relation to the chimney
It is usually covered with a lid.

Turn over the lid and roll it up at the top.

The heat-resistant cloth can be cut with scissors, so cut it according to the chimney of your stove. (By default, there is a hole assuming an 8 cm chimney)

Only this part of the heat-resistant cloth can be removed and replaced.

■ Feature 3: Skirt

The tent body is integrated with the skirt to prevent cold air from entering.
Conversely, be careful with ventilation. When installing a wood stove or kerosene stove, be sure to install a carbon monoxide detector.

Feature 4: 2 entrances

There are two entrances to the tent, front and back. Also, the cloth at the entrance can be stopped on both the left and right sides.

There are also two ventilators on the same side as the entrance.

■ Feature 5: Internal hook

There are two hooks on the top inside the tent. Here you can hang lanterns and mosquito nets.

It is quite short, so extend it with a rope or the like if necessary.

■ Feature 6: Fabric color

The color of the article is discerning "dark khaki".

Since it is a color that does not exist in the existing cloth, I dyed it with the original color. Sometimes it looks greenish and sometimes brownish depending on the amount of light.

(If you open it indoors, it will look green, but if you use it outside during the day, it will look brown.)

■ Feature 7: Reflector in the storage bag

The storage bag is also designed with a reflector.

■ Feature 8: Increased livability

There is also a loop in the middle of the side of the tent where a rope can be hung. If you pull this part, the inside of the tent will become a little wider, and you will feel less pressure when you sleep in the cot.


Pegs are not included, so please use the pegs you have.
If you want to fasten only the tent body, you will need 8 ropes, and 14 ropes are required if you include the guy ropes and the parts that are pulled outward.

Regarding the water repellent and waterproof specifications of the tent,
Surface: Silicone water repellent Back: Polyurethane waterproof.
Regarding the surface, regardless of the amount of rain, if it is wet for a long time, it can be seen that rainwater breaks through the water-repellent layer and soaks into the fabric. At that time, it seems that the stain appears to be strong due to the characteristics of the color of the fabric. The back side is completely waterproof with PU processing, so it will not seep into the tent. (If the inside of the tent is wet, it will be due to condensation.) If you spread it out to dry after use, the water stain will basically return to its original state.
Also, just like an umbrella, the water repellent performance will decrease, so you can restore the water repellent performance by spraying the surface with a water repellent spray.