Trivet for ken-Shuri / [black iron]
Trivet for ken-Shuri / [black iron]
Trivet for ken-Shuri / [black iron]


Trivet for ken-Shuri / [black iron]

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Trivet for ken-Shuri / [black iron]


Pickup available, usually ready in 24 hours

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It is a trivet dedicated to the assembled bonfire "ken-shuri".

It can be used for a variety of purposes, such as cooking on a bonfire, warming drinks in a kettle, or using it as a trivet at the table.

It is an optional item that brings out the true value of the bonfire stand, so please use it together with the bonfire stand.

*[ Caution]

・The material of this product is "black steel".

・This is a trivet for ken-shuri, so it cannot be used for Dian.

Please be sure to check before purchasing.

[SPEC: Product specifications]

SIZE: product dimensions About W38×D11×H1.5cm
WEIGHT: weight about 620g
MATERIAL: material Body: black iron, country of origin: Japan
Precautions for use When using the product, please wear gloves before assembling and cleaning up. In addition, the main body and accessories become very hot when using the bonfire and immediately after use. Please be careful not to burn yourself. Please refrain from doing things such as pouring water on a hot bonfire stand or trivet as it may cause distortion or deformation. Each piece is handmade and there are individual differences such as welding marks. In addition, in order to make the most of the texture of the iron itself, we do not perform rust prevention processing. If you want to suppress rust, please apply anti-rust treatment with anti-rust agent before using. Due to the nature of black iron, color unevenness may occur. note that.