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addition table

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addition table



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*This is a one-of-a-kind item!

It will be a table that campers made with the theme of being able to "addition" = addition on their own. You can hang a shera cup on the bar or a bag on the side, and you can clean up the messy table with your favorite camping gear.

Furthermore, the addition tables can be placed side by side without gaps, so you can use them according to the number of users.

As for the material, it is made from oak, commonly known as "King of the Forest", which is heavy and tough and has been used for ships and high-end furniture for a long time. As for the board, instead of the thin board that is widely used in camping tables, it uses a wide board that allows you to enjoy the wood grain, giving it a luxurious appearance.

For hardware, we use brass screws, bolts, and bars that go well with oak.

The paint is made from vegetable oil and vegetable wax, so it can be safely used in homes with children and pets. Unlike the paint used on inexpensive tables, maintenance is easy because the paint film can be overcoated without cracking.

As for assembly, it can be used simply by spreading the legs outward, and when folded, the thickness is 3.8cm, making it easy to mount in a vehicle. You can also store one by one with the Kermit chair in the Oregonian Camper's grill table carry.

As for oak and brass hardware, the color will darken as you use it, and you will enjoy the change over time and become attached to it. If you maintain it properly, it will be a table that will last a lifetime.

When assembled: Width 650 x Depth 500 x Height 400mm
When folded: width 600 x depth 500 x height 38mm
[Weight] about 3.5kg
[Number of users] 1 to 2 people
[Material] Table: oak
[Paint] Natural oil

*Because it is made of natural wood, the grain and expression of the top plate and legs are different.

*Because the top plate is thin for portability, twisting, bending, and warping may occur on rare occasions.

*Because it is a simple table, it may be damaged if you sit on it or place an extremely heavy object on it.

*If the bolt that secures the movable part of the leg is loose, tighten it using a Phillips screwdriver and a ratchet wrench.

*Please be careful when placing gas cans, lanterns, etc.

* The specifications of the main unit, storage bag, and logo font are subject to change without notice due to improvements, etc.