No Akari (younger brother)
No Akari (younger brother)
No Akari (younger brother)
No Akari (younger brother)
No Akari (younger brother)

Blue Moment

No Akari (younger brother)

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No Akari (younger brother)


Pickup available, usually ready in 24 hours

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A full set of "No Akari" produced by Asuwa.

Asuwa's brand "Blue Moment", which belongs to Takibikai, will be sold as a 3-piece set of limited colors, gold-plated small oil lanterns and brass shades.

The main body is gold-plated, and the shade is made of brass for a heavy finish.

A brass nameplate with the brand logo is also included.
Please enjoy the golden glow that makes you fall in love with the gently flickering flames.

What is Blue Moment?

An outdoor brand launched by Yasuyoshi Asuwa, who belongs to Takibikai.

The Blue Moment is a phenomenon in which the sky turns deep blue for a short period of time after dusk.
The origin of the brand name comes from the time when the bonfire looks the most beautiful, and I like this time the most.

Please read before purchasing [About oil lanterns]
・The lower part of the lantern has a double structure, and there is an oil tank inside, and if the oil overflows from the tank, the oil will leak from the bottom.
・Due to product inspection, there are cases where the main body vinyl is peeled off and the product is shipped after checking the operation.
・If there is a product defect (such as cracked sea squirt) before use, please contact support.
・Scratches and small dents from the manufacturing process do not affect the use of the product, so we will sell it as a product that has passed inspection.
・If the glove and the top or bottom of the lantern are not meshed properly, the glove may fall forward when the lever is lowered. In that case, turn the top of the lantern left or right to adjust the engagement of the globe and the top or bottom of the lantern.
・The oil lantern is gold-plated. The painted part may peel off due to heat, or the painted part may peel off due to dropping or impact.
・As this product is an oil lantern, the distance between the flame and the ceiling is close, and if the flame is high, the paint may peel off due to blackening or heat.
[About the brass shade]
・Since the brass shade is polished during the manufacturing process, there may be small scratches. Thank you for your understanding.
・Due to the characteristics of the brass shade, if you touch it with bare hands, it may become dirty due to sweat or sebum, resulting in darkening. If it gets dirty, wipe it off with a special cleaner and it will be clean.
・In principle, we cannot accept returns or exchanges except for malfunction of the main unit, so please understand in advance.
[About the brass nameplate]
・When attaching the nameplate, remove any surface foreign matter such as degreasing, dust, dirt, etc. If oil remains, it will be easy to peel off.
・When attaching the nameplate, press both sides strongly with your fingers to attach it. *When attaching to a lantern, bend the plate slightly along the lantern before attaching it to prevent it from peeling off.
・If the outside air or room becomes hot, the adhesive may weaken and the plate may come off.
・Please note that once the nameplate is pasted, it cannot be pasted again. During this peeling process, there is a risk that the object to be pasted may be damaged or may not be peeled off if there is glue residue.
・Do not attach the adhesive side of the nameplate directly to the skin. Also, avoid direct contact with food and drink in containers such as cups.
[Important Notice]
・Purchases from sites other than our site (such as auction sites) are not covered by the warranty.
・The warranty period is one week after the product arrives. Please check the operation as soon as the product arrives.
・Keep out of reach of children.
・We are not responsible for any secondary damage caused by using this product.
・Colors may look different depending on the shooting conditions, lighting conditions, viewing environment (PC monitor or smartphone screen), etc. Please note that the color and texture may differ slightly between the photo and the actual product.


Small lantern: Width 120mm x Depth 100mm x Height 190mm (height does not include handle)
Small lantern shade: Ø170mm, t1.2mm
Body/iron (gold-plated) sea squirt/glass
Shade/Brass Nameplate/Brass
oil capacity
about 100ml
Small lantern: about 214g
Small lantern shade: about 200g
Blue Moment Noakari (gold-plated small oil lantern) x 1
Blue Moment "No Akari" dedicated small lantern shade (brass) x 1
Blue Moment brass nameplate x 1

Precautions for use

・Be sure to use paraffin oil when using the lantern. If kerosene is used, soot or poor combustion may occur.

・Oil may leak if too much oil is added or if the lantern is tilted. (Before adding oil, be sure to check in advance that the oil inlet and the rubber packing of the lantern core are not misaligned.)