New * wood splitting wedge
New * wood splitting wedge
New * wood splitting wedge
New * wood splitting wedge


New * wood splitting wedge

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New * wood splitting wedge



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than conventional wood-splitting wedges
Significantly lighter and smaller! ! !
The weight has been reduced by 47%.

very easy to use
It is very easy to hold!

The new* wood-chopping wedge [Makirinto -Takumi-] is
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To use the wedge, just hit it with a hammer from above!
Even children can use it easily!
It is a cute soft cream ♪

POINT1, easy to hit because the hitting surface is large!
The upper portion of the wedge (the surface that collides with the hammer) is large, making it easy to hit and difficult to remove.

POINT2, you can safely chop firewood!
Unlike splitting wood with a knife, there are no sharp objects around the striking surface, so you can hit the wedge safely.

POINT3, the sound of hitting is fun!
The sound of the hammer hitting the wedge is pleasant, and the "feeling of hitting" is very interesting.

POINT4, easy to use even for parents and children!
If parents support firewood and wedges, children as young as 3 years old can chop firewood! Cultivate children's motivation and curiosity.

POINT5, even thick logs can be broken!
Although it is compact, even a 30 cm thick log can be cracked!

POINT6, easy to hold even for children and women!
The shape and weight of the design make it easy for children and women to hold and support.

POINT7, cute/cool design!
I finished it with a simple yet cool and cute design ♪

Product name: Wood-chopping wedge [soft cream]
Material: Iron
Size: about 31mmx174mm hitting surface (about 15mmx15mm)
Weight: about 258g
Production: Osaka
Remarks: *Actual color may differ due to PC/smartphone settings.
*Some scratches may occur due to the manufacturing process.
*All sizes are (approximately).
・Do not drop the wedge on the ground when the firewood splits. The tip of the blade may bend or cause injury.
・When chopping firewood with a wedge, be sure to wear gloves, long pants and shoes for your safety.